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FRIDAY 23th March 2012
Awach Maarifa Centre
Stakeholders Meeting and Advisory Committee Election
The Meeting was held on Friday at Awach sub-county office
1.       Opening Prayer
2.       Introduction
3.       About ALIN(Activities)
4.       ALIN Membership
5.       Maarifa Centre( Advisory Committee, Their Roles, Election)
6.       Mapping Stakeholders in Awach(Who is doing what)
7.       Identifying Information needs 
8.       Action Plan/way forward.

The meeting started at 10:45am and was attended by 26 members who consisted of NGO’s, Government Official Religious Leader, Security officer, and School Head teachers among others.
1.       Agenda 1
Opening prayer was led by one Mr. Watmon Francis.
Agenda 2
Every members who came for the meeting introduces his or herself.
About ALIN
Esther introduces ALIN as ARID LANDS INFORMATION NETWORK and it a network of NGOs CDO etc and she says it is an International organization which are in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
Esther Hint on ALIN Mission.
ALIN Mission “Facilitate Knowledge and information” to achieve these ALIN has got publication such as Joto Africa, Baobab which are use as a mean of disseminating information and knowledge. Other mission for ALIN is Capacity building through Exchange visit, Training base on the Needs and establishment of the knowledge centres.

                                I.            Enabling Access
                              II.            Creating Knowledge
                            III.            Empowering People
To be a member one is required to fill the membership form. And when one becomes a member there are benefits such as Receive free information, Capacity building and sharing Experiences among others.
Maarifa centre comprises of three bodies ie the ADVISORY COMMITTEE, FIELD OFFICER and the Centre VOLUNTEER. The Advisory committee over see Maarifa Centre.
Esther stress that any service offered by ALIN is FREE and that no charges are attached to any service.
        I.            Advice Maarifa Centre staff on the implementation of the AIMs and OBJECTIVES of the Project.
      II.            To ensure that the needs of the Maarifa and the Users are met.
    III.            To develop guideline and Policies and Policies for the centre operation.
    IV.            To popularizes the centre.
      V.            To support in sourcing relevant materials for the centre.
    VI.            Facilitate regular Meeting.
  VII.            Monitoring and Evaluation.
VIII.            Participate in Planning of centre activities.
    IX.            Identification of NEEDs for capacity building.
      X.            Promote ownership of the centre.
From the introduction of the Advisory Committee, a member appreciated the introduction of the AC whereby he says these will lead to the smooth running of the centre.
a)      5-9 people
b)      Have a leadership skills
c)       Diversity-ie Representation from different users group Eg: Government, NGO’s, CBO’s, Youth, Women, Physically challenged.
d)      Willingness to Volunteer.
e)      Understanding of Community development Issues.

Group discussion
·         Identification of information Needs
·         Sensitization and mobilization of the community about the Maarifa Centre.
·         Creation of awareness about market of Agricultural products.
·         Creating awareness on food security to the Community members.
·         Construction of a bigger House for the Maarifa centre.
·         Creating awareness to the community about the benefits of forestation and danger of deforestation
·         Creating awareness on renewable energy utilization eg Biogas.
·         Creating awareness to the community on the importance of water and soil conservation.

The following are the Advisory Committee Elected on the day of the Meeting
                    I.            Otika Shannon Akena-LC3 chairman-Host
                  II.            Onyaba Patrick Parish Chief-Host
                III.            Lanek Peter-NAADs
                IV.            Kitara Lawrence-CBO
                  V.            Dr.Olal Richard-Medical Dept
                VI.            Adong-Piny Catherine-Head teacher
              VII.            Kal-Okoya Stephen-Youth
            VIII.            Okoya Stephen
                IX.            Amono Doreen
                  X.            Mrs. Laker Margate
                XI.            Watmon Francis-Religious Leader/Physically Challenged
              XII.            Okello Ronald Kasuza-NGO

Out of the 12 elected members,
CHAIRPERSON: Mr.                      Lanek Peter
VICECHAIRPERSON:                     Adong-Piny Catherine.
SECRETARY:                                    Onyaba Patrick
TREASURER:                                    Laker Margate

·         Chairperson to organized Advisory Committee meeting which is to take place every Month.
·         1st meeting is schedule for the 13th April 2012 in the afternoon hour
·         Creating community awareness of the centre by all members.
·         Women user –role of F O and the A c.
·         Sourcing of relevant information materials-to be taken up by ALIN, F O and AC(Needed by June)
·         Stakeholders Mapping-Role to be taken up by FO & AC.(Groups, what they do, where-by June)
·         Container Space—Manager ALIN
·         Share Roles-FO
·         Membership.FO

Started by thanking ALIN for extending their service up to Awach. And he made a testimony on how he got very important information from the knowledge centre.
The chairman also stress that the Advisory Committee should be committed in that everyone carry equal role to run the not only the Advisory Committee.
He says he is very happy for the free services offered by ALIN.
And lastly he thank Esther for her travel all the way from Nairobi to Awach and extended his greeting and greeting from Awach to ALIN staffs in Nairobi.

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