Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Market Day at Awach

People selling their things on the market day
Every second Thursday of the Month it's a market day at Awach where most member of the community come together to sell,buy and probably meets with Friends, for the Month of September the day was well celebrated by the business community because of the big number of people who turns up for the day, many Farmers brought their products in the market for sale these included Beans, G/nuts, Maize, Simsim, Rice, Cabbages, Tomato's, and so many others and also there were chickens goats all were brought to the market by different individuals/farmers. On these day People come from all parts of the district for the market day this is because they belief there would be plenty of different items to buy at a much lower price compare to any other days.Business people from Gulu town were very many on the market day where they brought in very many clothes for the people of Awach and its surrounding at a much cheaper prices compared to the one sold in town.
People selling Tomato's on the market day

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012

Young Kids enjoying ICT at the centre

With the rate at which ICT is growing, not even a small kid would want to miss to know what is going around the Globe that is why all these Young Nusary  Kids come to the Knowledge centre to learn what ICT is all about.