Saturday, 24 March 2012

Maarifa beneficiaries testimonies

 Awach Maarifa centre serves more than 600 users monthly .Majority of the users are the youth who have benefited from the  FREE ICT training ,library and internet  services.

Voices from users;

‘I have received a lot of benefits from this centre. I now have knowledge on computers-something I never knew I could  have in my life, I have a face book account which has enabled me chat with so many friends, I also use internet  to search for job opportunities says’’, Rackara Kenneth

I am happy .I am able to know what’s happening in the world through the internet, I have a face book  account, I use search engines to look for Jobs and sponsorships to further my education, I am no longer idle ! I am currently undergoing ICT training and I hope after successful completion to be a trainer elsewhere like in schools. Says’’, Alfred Kidega Rapdeso

This is my first time to come here, I heard about this centre from a friend, I would love to know how to operate a computer and I will enroll in computers classes. I will also go and tell my friends. This centre has a library I will also look for relevant information, I will read the books and see how to implement some of the activities, says’’, Brenda Anena