Wednesday 19 September 2012

Market Day at Awach

People selling their things on the market day
Every second Thursday of the Month it's a market day at Awach where most member of the community come together to sell,buy and probably meets with Friends, for the Month of September the day was well celebrated by the business community because of the big number of people who turns up for the day, many Farmers brought their products in the market for sale these included Beans, G/nuts, Maize, Simsim, Rice, Cabbages, Tomato's, and so many others and also there were chickens goats all were brought to the market by different individuals/farmers. On these day People come from all parts of the district for the market day this is because they belief there would be plenty of different items to buy at a much lower price compare to any other days.Business people from Gulu town were very many on the market day where they brought in very many clothes for the people of Awach and its surrounding at a much cheaper prices compared to the one sold in town.
People selling Tomato's on the market day

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Field Visit and Mapping site for the up-coming new Project

These are expertrate  Who visited the centre while on the Mapping Exercise for the up-coming Project

Monday 10 September 2012

Young Kids enjoying ICT at the centre

With the rate at which ICT is growing, not even a small kid would want to miss to know what is going around the Globe that is why all these Young Nusary  Kids come to the Knowledge centre to learn what ICT is all about.

Friday 31 August 2012

Farming Practice

Please Visit this link below as it brings you one of the many farmers that are benefiting from the free services offered by the Knowledge centre at Awach as in free Information, Free ICT training, on various field ranging from farming, ICT, etc

By Bernard Oola
FO Awach Maarifa Centre

Thursday 24 May 2012

Chairperson Advisory Committee Testimony

Awach Maarifa Information Center has been functioning well.
The center staff are committed to their roles of guiding and helping the people who come to the center.
I would like to express my happiness for the good turn up by community ( youth, elders, and the staff from various departments in the sub-county who are willing to learn and find new information from the center.
The resources at the center (Brochure, text books, and the internet service has helped the students who come from Awach Sub-county to continue with their study even when not at school.
The advisory committee is committed to helping the center by mobilizing various resources for sustainable running of the center.

Lanek John Peter
Chairperson Advisory Committee.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Maarifa beneficiaries testimonies

 Awach Maarifa centre serves more than 600 users monthly .Majority of the users are the youth who have benefited from the  FREE ICT training ,library and internet  services.

Voices from users;

‘I have received a lot of benefits from this centre. I now have knowledge on computers-something I never knew I could  have in my life, I have a face book account which has enabled me chat with so many friends, I also use internet  to search for job opportunities says’’, Rackara Kenneth

I am happy .I am able to know what’s happening in the world through the internet, I have a face book  account, I use search engines to look for Jobs and sponsorships to further my education, I am no longer idle ! I am currently undergoing ICT training and I hope after successful completion to be a trainer elsewhere like in schools. Says’’, Alfred Kidega Rapdeso

This is my first time to come here, I heard about this centre from a friend, I would love to know how to operate a computer and I will enroll in computers classes. I will also go and tell my friends. This centre has a library I will also look for relevant information, I will read the books and see how to implement some of the activities, says’’, Brenda Anena

Monday 17 October 2011

Computer Training At the Maarifa Centre

IT is for all.........
At Awach Maarifa centre beside having Libbrary FREE internet Access, the centre also provide FREE Computer training to the local population of Awach in which in aday the centre recieves over 20 people and take them through computer training. The centre open Monday to Saturday 09:00-17:00.
awach community are so gratful for the development that has help the to have access to computre(Free), FREE Internet service hence they are able to learn and get free information above all to be part of the world.